Controlled Flight Lite is the free version of Controlled Flight (Unity Asset Store).

It uses the same code as basis but the full version has more algorithms and settings, and also includes advanced plugins.

When published it will be found in here in the Unity Asset Store.

The Lite version includes the basic algorithms for guidance and speed control. It can be used to create advanced movements of flying objects.

The Lite version can be used as the full version. All documentation is identical for the included features.

Se detailed comparison of Lite and full version below.

Controlled Flight Lite - Settings
Controlled Flight Lite – Settings
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Guidance algorithmsAllOnly Proportional Navigation
Guidance SettingsAllNo Bank-to-Turn.
No missile dynamics.
No lofted trajectories.
No unguided motor stages.
Path Following AlgorithmsAllOnly objects as waypoints.
Path Following SettingsAllSubset of settings. No balanced turn feature.
Speed ControlAllOnly Constant speed control.
Motor stages included.
EventsAllOnly launch and intercept events.
Terrain FollowingAllNot included.
Advanced Plugins and templatesAllNot included.
Comparison Lite and Full version