The performance of the object can be limited by performance. Also, the object can have specific behaviors at intercept of the target.

Controlled Flight - Limitations and Intercept
Controlled Flight – Limitations and Intercept
Limit maneouvreLimits the maneuvering of the object. This only limits the acceleration from the guidance algorithms, not from speed control.
Recommendation is this to always have this true to avoid strange results, especially close to the target.
Limit of the acceleration perpendicular to the missile velocity.
Limit Flight TimeLimits the flight time. The time is counted from launch time and is approximate (checked in FixedUpdate()).
When time limit is exceeded, the guidance algorithm is deactivated. This typically means that the missile continuous in a straight line.

Destroy at time limit can be used to automatically destroy the object at Time limit instead of deactivating the guidance (not yet published).

Note that speed control is not affected. Deactivating the motor can be done using Guidance Stop Event and a NOTHRUST motor stage.
Missile DynamicsSimulates missile dynamics by filtering the command from the guidance algorithms.
The command is filtered by a first-order low-pass filter.
Bandwidth [Hz]: low pass filter bandwidth
Bank To TurnActivate this for Bank-To-Turn objects. See Wikipedia.
This means that the object rolls into the turn to keep the acceleration Vector along the local y-axis (“up”). Note that this includes gravity.
Note that this is currently mostly have a visual effect, and does not affect performance.
Max Rollrate [deg/s]: limits how fast the roll can be done.
Uses Physics.Gravity to calculate roll angle.
Hit rangeThe distance within the object has to pass the target for a “hit”.[meter]
Stop Guidance after interceptDeactivates the guidance algorithms if the object passes and/or intercept the targets. Has the same effect as Limit Flight Time.If not activated, the object can attempt turn around towards the target.
Destroy missile at hitIf activated the object will be destroyed when targeting is hit.


The effects of Bank-To-Turn is shown in the video below.


Intercept properties

Destroy missile at hit can be combined with an explosion, for example a particle effect, to visualize a hit. The particle effect can be activated with the help of the Intercept Event.