This a collection of issues, quirks and other unwanted behavior. The list will be updated continuously with fixes and explanations.

Strange behavior after intercept.Although speed should be maintained (ignoring motor and drag) during maneuvering it can not be guaranteed with the Unity physics engine (and most other engines).

The missile speed should be conserved by always having the maneuver command perpendicular to missile velocity. But this can only be done approximately.

When very high maneuvers are commanded the object speed can be erratic. This can happen at intercept using Proportional navigation,
– This is typically fixed by limiting the allowed maneuver (Limitation).
– Constant Speed control will maintain the speed with appropriate settings.
Jittering of object attached to rail when using Launcher.This may be because of two things:
1. At the moment the movement of a object attached to the rail is not perfect. If the rail is accelerated the object will move slightly relative to the rail. This is because of the algorithms used. A better solution is worked on.
2. The rigid body of the Launcher object is not interpolated and creates sudden fast jittering of the object on the rail. This is the result of no interpolation for frame updates. Rigidbody.MovePosition is used, which uses Rigidbody interpolation settings.
1. No fix at the moment.
2. Set Interpolate in rigid body of Launcher object to Interpolate or Extrapolate.
Ranom behavior when using more than one component.Components on a GameObject are executed in random order. This is by design in Unity.
Should not be a problem but take it into consideration.
Make sure fast transitions are not dependent on component execution order.
Changing setting has no effect after launch.Some settings can not be changed after launch, i.e. they have no effect. Typical setting that can not be changed are Target Type and Guidance Algorithm since they are instanced at launch and then run continuously. Changing these kinds of settings may be added if requested.

Tips and tricks

  • To keep the speed constant after a motor stage use another motor stage. Set this stage to Constant Acceleration and Acceleration to 0.